What Is CoinPay

Our multi-site mobile payment system integrates with self-serve car wash bays, vacuums, vending machines, automatic tellers and any pet wash.

Stand out from the crowd. Increase brand awareness with an android and iOS smartphone app that is custom designed for your location. That’s right! You’re not just joining a generic app like the other guys. Your smartphone app will promote your brand and your car wash!

Send Notifications and keep your customers engaged. Now you have the opportunity to directly communicate with your customers by sending SMS, emails, and push notifications.

Remote equipment activation anytime from anywhere. An unhappy customer calls and informs you of a blown hose or coin jam. That’s no longer a problem. Now you can start any of your equipment remotely and instantly satisfy an unhappy customer.

Built in app user analytics and cloud based reporting functionality that allows you to view and understand data that is beneficial in growing your business.

Accept debit and credit card payments without the hassle and cost of card readers.

Benefits Of CoinPay

CoinPay is much more than your average mobile payment system. It gives car wash owners a competitive advantage by allowing them to interact with and reward their customers.

A simple scenario shows the power of this tool… Free vacuum Thursdays! Create an app promotion and select a minimum in-bay redemption amount to earn a free vacuum. Let’s use $5.00 for our example. When a customer redeems $5.00 in a bay on Thursday, the system will automatically create a reward that your customer can use to start any of the vacuums on that day. The car wash owner has the ability to set an expiry, and/or value for the free vacuum code. Your rewards can be tailored to any single piece of equipment, some, or all of the equipment at your site. You advertise free vacuum Thursdays by sending a notification to all of the app users through the push notifications section in the admin dashboard. Promotions are not limited to coin bays, you can also reward customers for using an in bay automatic or tunnel wash.

Our mobile payment solution offers advanced features and flexibility but we kept things simple. We love technology and understand it can seem intimidating so we designed a user friendly interface for the wash operator and the app users. An advanced system is only powerful when it is easy to understand and use.

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